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AmberAir: Top-Grade Modular Air Handling Units

We have been investing in research, production, staff for 30 years to create its own amber: AmberAir, the new Eurovent-certified range of modular air handling units. The crowning achievement for all of our ideas was the world’s first Eurovent-certified hygienic device that supplies healthy and hygienic air for our public life. The key AmberAir benefits:

  • #exclusivity and quality
    • SD50+casing: D1, L1, T2, TB2, F9. Top-grade casing performance in the market;
    • Efficient components from top-brand EU manufacturers: next-generation EC/PM fans, counter-flow (HR up to 95%) or rotor (HR up to 87%) heat exchangers, etc.
  • #individual solution:
    • Every air handling unit can be combined from a set of various components;
    • A wide selection:
      • An airflow between 1,000 and 80,000 m3/h;
      • 5 types of heat recovery systems: counter-flow, cross-flow, rotary, heat recovery coil, and rotary heat exchanger with a heat pump;
      • tested in all weather conditions between -40C and 40 C;
      • specialty Eurovent Hygienic air handling solutions.
  • #innovation:
    • 20% more solutions every year;
    • the latest components for air handling units.
  • #convenience and reliability:
    • innovative control system MCB: the widest functionality on the market.
    • fast assembly and mounting, ease of access for service and replacement of components.
    • The 3D device selection and modelling software VentMaster allows you to create air handling unit quickly and to integrate it directly into Autodesk Revit or any other design system using the .dxf format.
    • All new products and improvements are tested in independent labs in extreme weather conditions.
    • The selection software and the AmberAir range have Eurovent certification and are subject to annual manufacturing audits.
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