Eurovent Certifies RIS, RIRS, and VEKA INT EKO Products, Expanding the AmberAir Compact Family

We are excited to share that Eurovent, the leading European certification body for HVAC systems, has recently awarded its prestigious certification to RIS and RIRS size 1200 and above, as well as VEKA INT EKO products. This recognition not only serves as a testament to the quality, efficiency, and reliability of these air handling units but also instills confidence in customers looking to invest in top-notch HVAC technology.

By meeting the stringent standards set by Eurovent, RIS, RIRS, and VEKA INT EKO products have demonstrated their ability to perform consistently and effectively in a variety of environments. This means that customers can now confidently choose these products, knowing they are backed by the trusted Eurovent certification. This ensures a greater return on investment and peace of mind when it comes to the performance and longevity of these air handling units.

In addition to the certification, these products will also be joining the already Eurovent certified AmberAir Compact family. With this inclusion comes a new name for each product:

  • RIS 1200 and above will be known as AmberAir Compact RIS
  • RIRS 1200 and above will be known as AmberAir Compact RIRS
  • VEKA INT EKO will be known as AmberAir Compact VEKA INT EKO

The AmberAir Compact family continues to grow, offering a wide range of reliable and efficient air handling solutions that meet the needs of various industries and applications. With the addition of RIS, RIRS, and VEKA INT EKO products, customers can now choose from an even broader selection of Eurovent certified air handling units.